School Committee 6/9/21

Open Agenda

III. B. Superintendent Report 00:01:03

IV. Financial Update 00:11:50

V. Discussion a) STM Article 1, 5 & 6 00:14:42

V. Discussion d) agreement Holbrook Food Services 00:15:49

V. e) 2021-2022 School Comm meeting schedule 00:17:19

V. f) North River Collab. Board Member appointment 00:26:25

V. g) MASC Friends of Public Edu. Award 00:26:50

V. h) HMHS Student Handbook Revisions 00:28:17

V. i) Policy 2nd Readings of 1-5 00:28:30

V. j) Music Instrument donation 00:29:05

V. k) Subcommittee Assignments 00:29:32

V. m) April 29th Meeting minutes 00:30:27

V. n) School Committee Sub-Committee member report 00:30:43

O. School Committee members report 00:34:06

VI. Action Items 00:36:48

VII. Old Business/ VIII. New Business 00:41:00