School Committee 1/9/19

Open Agenda

I. Call to Order/Pledge 00:00:00

II. Public Participation 00:00:26

III. Reports a) Student Advisory 00:00:39

III. b) Superintendent Report 00:02:18

IV. Financial Update 00:06:44

V. Discussion Items a) Superintendent Goals 00:08:09

V. b) 2nd Reading Policy - Student Activities Fund 00:25:37

V. c) 2nd Reading Policy - Student Activity Accnts 00:27:27

V. d) School Sub-Committee member reports 00:29:13

V. e) School Committee members report 00:40:51

V. f) Minutes - Dec. 19th, 2019 00:40:57

VI. Action Items a) Minutes 00:43:13

VI. B) Vote to name STEAM Commons Area 00:43:56

VII. Old Business 00:44:34

VIII. New Business 00:44:41